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Milligan & Hill provides musculoskeletal solutions for patients, clients and organisations.

Milligan & Hill provides occupational health physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation, ergonomics, podiatry and sports massage services.

Milligan & Hill has an excellent and experienced team of clinicians, consultants and administration staff who have a great reputation for their quality and reliability of service to help patients and clients with the rehabilitation from or prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Milligan & Hill has a nation wide network of ergonomics physiotherapists and registered ergonomists, who are available for “ad hoc” ergonomics consultancy across the UK in various environments, including office, industrial and hospital settings.

Milligan & Hill also provides Health and Safety related training including spinal care, good ergonomics for computer users and both patient and inanimate object manual handling training.

Physiotherapy provided at the central practice and “in-house” clinics within companies is validated by all major health insurance companies and Milligan & Hill accepts payment for treatment directly from health insurance companies on receipt of members details.

Situated in the heart of the City of London, the air-conditioned central practice has 7 well equipped private treatment rooms.

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For Enquiries & Appointments
Please contact Milligan & Hill on
020 7628 3575 or use the booking form
How to Find Us

Physiotherapy– Work related disorders
– Back & neck pain & whiplash
– Sports Injuries
– Muscular & joint problems
– Postural problems & advice
– Chronic pain/arthritis
Ergonomics– Workplace assessments
– Manual handling training
– Healthy Computing training
– Ergonomics consultancy
– ErgoPro – online DSE- assessment
Sports Massage– Improved training
– Injury Prevention
– Improved self awareness
– Improved performance

Podiatry– Biomechanical assessment
– Gait analysis
– Foot, heel and knee pain
– Customised orthotics

Home About Us Physiotherapy Ergonomics Sports Massage Podiatry Medico Legal Free Advice